07.05.2014 20:29
Regulamin Uzupełniająci
Organiser prepared polish version of the Supplementary regulations for participants of the race, It is published in the section Supplementary regulation - Regulamin Uzupełniająci. ...
01.05.2014 15:42
2014 Season Brochure FIA IHCC
FIA Hill Climb commission issued Season Brochure for FIA IHCC Championship similarly as in the last years. Brochure is dedicated for all who have interest about FIA International Hill Climb Cup. C...
12.03.2014 10:48
Race guide
Similarly as every year we prepared for you Race Guide of MORIS CUP Jahodná 2014. It is dedicated to all participants - competitors, crews, teams, media and race officials. It does not partake of Su...
10.06.2013 21:58
Photos and videos from Moris Cup Jahodna 2013
Some photos and videos from Moris Cup Jahodná 2013: 1) 2) Hungary: Tóth István, Zemplén TV, photogalery video 3) Poland photogalery - Saturday ...
02.06.2013 07:11
Moris Cup Jahodná 2012 photogalery
Moris Cup Jahodná 2012 atmosphery by István Toth....
27.05.2013 20:44
Preparations in full swing
Pomaličky si zvykáme, že slovenský šampionát automobilov do vrchu spomedzi ostatných disciplín začína tradične posledný, ale potom má doslova šialené tempo. V priebehu dvoch mesiacov ...
24.05.2013 07:32
List of received entries
Organiser published List of received entries except entries received for GSMP. This list you can also find in the section "Start list"....
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MORIS CUP Jahodná 2015

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Slovak Historic HC Championship
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