Andrés Vilariño clinches masterful win today in Subida Ubrique
Driving his Norma CN, Vilariño has won 18th Subida Ubrique-Benaocaz, after winning second and third heat celebrated today. Villa was 2nd, taking the win among CM cars, and López-Fombona and Aznar were first in E2-SH and E1 respectively. Marcelino Hevia was fastest among Group N cars and Ángel Cordero in Group A
Ubrique, 21 April 2013
Andrés Vilariño exploited his options to win 18th Ubrique-Benaocaz Hil-climb today, the season opener for the Spanish Hill-climb championship and counting towards the Andalusian championship, the Europan Hill-Climb Championship and International Hill-Climb Challenge as well.
After setting an unbeatable time of 2:12.919 yesterday, the Basque driver attacked during today´s heats and improved his previous time on Saturday. In the Heat 2 Vilariño posted a time of 2:12.882, and then in he final heat an incredible 2:10.721. Finally, in the cumulative rankings, his time of 6:36.522 was enough to take the overall win and the International Hill-Climb Challenge. Javi Villa, eleven seconds slower than Vilariño, has had an amazing debut with new BRC B49 Bango-built car. Villa didn´t make any mistakes and today, even with times were a bit slower than yesterday, the CM honors were for him. Óscar Palacio (Demon Car), after battling against Jonathan Álvarez (BRC 05 EVO), was third at the end of the event.
Immediately behind José Antonio López-Fombona classified his new Audi A4 DTM, 5th overall, and had an increasing pace over the course of the weekend while increasing his experience with new machine. The driver from Asturias won E2-SH class too and ended up ahead of first GT driver, Raúl Borreguero -7th- with an amazing and eye-catcher- Mosler MT900R. E1 was closely-fought once again, and José Antonio Aznar (Audi A4 ST) managed to beat his main rival this weekend, Gerard de la Casa (SEAT León WRC). Andorra´s driver was 1st yesterday, but Aznar emerged as the fastest pilot on Sunday. The lowest step on the podium was for Eduardo Noriego (Audi A4 ST).
Last but not at least, Fernando Navarrete (Porsche 968 CS Cup) and Juan José Abia (Ferrari 360 Rally) were on the GT podium as well, meanwhile the Group N classification was dominated by Mitsubishi cars, Marcelino Hevia, César Gutiérrez and José Blanco were 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. In the Group A Ángel Cordero put in P1 his Renault Clio R3, ahead of Carlos Rodríguez (Peugeot 206 XS) and Antonio Navarro (Peugeot 206 XS). Other two classifications such as Andalusian championship and Classic cars were won by Antonio Alarcón (Silver Car S2) and Miguel Ángel Clemente (SEAT 124 FL).
Final classification (provisional)

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